At RSI Custom Wood Interiors we use the finest wood, give your products the finest finish and the best hardware to go with it.

Finest wood and finish

You choose the style for your cabinet door by the kind of wood you would want on it and the kind of finish so that it can showcase the style and the tone that you want for your room. We have a wide range of wood species to choose from including oak, mahogany, cypress, cherry, wormy chestnut, pine, alder, maple, poplar, hickory, and ash among others. All these species have different feels and tones depending on the kind of finish that we give them.

After you choose the wood for your cabinets, then you choose the kind of finish that you wood. We have different styles of finishing different species. The different styles used help to bring out the overall feel and tone that you want for your space. The natural beauty and the characteristics of each wood species are different and can be showcased differently with different finishes. This coupled with the experienced craftsmanship we have at RSI custom wood interiors gives each cabinet that unique look and feel that it should have.

Your products can be stained or painted. They could also be glazed to get that deep and richer tone. Another finish style is that of giving the wood a rub-through and wood distressing finish to add warmth to the cabinets. There are so many finish options that you can get at RSI Custom Wood Interiors to match your style.  Besides custom build cabinets we also have stock cabinets that you can just choose from and they are installed for you immediately. We have partnered with the best in the market for this reason.

Besides cabinets we also do counter tops. The counter tops can really enhance the feel and décor of your kitchen or bath making it feel new and fresh every time.   We also have a wide range of materials to choose from for the counter tops including; granite, Formica, plastic laminate, Vetrazzo, Quartz, Dupont, and real and cultured marble. We have partnered with the best builders in the region that we support to extend our services to the people. We believe that for all your cabinetry and counter top needs, the RSI Custom Wood Interiors are the go-to company with necessary expertise and best materials and finishes you can imagine.