There is a lot of thought and planning that went to creating your home and therefore when it comes to having your cabinetry created you want someone who can be able to define your style. Whether you want simple cabinetry or fancy ones we have got you covered at RSI Custom Wood Interiors. We are a family owned company with many years of expertise and craftsmanship being handed down to the next generations. Ours is therefore a company rich with experience in cabinetry for your kitchen, bath, laundry or library.

Why us?

Quality – we do not compromise on quality. For your cabinetry you want a product that will hold for long. You need to have a product that can stay working for long and hold the desired weight without caving or giving in. At RSI Custom wood interiors we ensure that all our products are desired quality. We use only the materials that will meet your quality needs.

We listen to you – it is about you and how uniquely you want to showcase your home. We therefore spend time listening to you and taking up your ideas. We then meticulously design and create cabinets that will show what you wanted. This is the biggest reason why overtime we have been able to create a pool of loyal customers and we have a solid base of home builders that we work with.

Hands on deck – we value our craftsmanship and hence our cabinets are always hand finished by our craftsmen. This ensures that we give each cabinet that unique look that it requires. It is the blend of this craftsmanship and technology that allows us to create the cabinets that you will love every time you see them.

Unique – we ensure that our products are uniquely just for you. We will help you to choose the cabinets or the fine details that will tell your story and show your style. We design all kinds of cabinets to suit all kinds of home décor or home styles. Classic, contemporary, plain, fancy you name it and we make it for you.

Timely delivery – we pride ourselves in completing our projects on time every time. We always set a timeline and work tirelessly to ensure that we are done and out of your way before the time is up. We ensure that your project is on schedule and you can enjoy your beautifully completed masterpieces in no time.

With years of experience and a rich portfolio you can always depend on RSI Custom Wood Interiors for your cabinetry needs. Whether you want a hanging cabinet, custom cabinets, counter tops, and so many more, we have got you covered. Our team comprises of just the best craftsmen with expertise ranging on for years but with the flair of the newest trends in the market. Our cabinets are made to last with the best materials used and the construction work done being overboard all the time. The completed work is a beautiful masterpiece when viewed from anywhere with the perfect finish.